WRDMAP - Brochure

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  1. AN1.1 Models for WRPM - Selection Procedures
  2. AN1.3 Use of WEAP Modelling Software Shiyang River Basin : English
  3. AN1.5 Use of Qual2K in Water Quality Modelling
  4. AN1.6 Data preparation for Water Resources Analysis Modelling
  5. AN1.7 Designing a Water Quality Monitoring Programme
  6. AN1.8.1 Demand Forecasting
  7. AN1.8.2 Agricultural Water Use Norms
  8. AN2.1 Developing an IWRM Plan (small river basin or local situation)
  9. AN2.3 IWRM Scenario Modelling
  10. AN2.4.1 Environmental Risk Assessment
  11. AN2.4.2 Environmental (water) Allocation
  12. AN2.5 Developing a Drought Management Plan
  13. AN2.6.1 Groundwater Monitoring at River Basin Level
  14. AN2.6.2 Groundwater Monitoring at the Village Level
  15. AN2.8 Economics for IWRM PLanning
  16. AN3.1.1 Agricultural Water Saving Techniques
  17. AN3.1.2 Practical techniques for on-farm water saving
  18. AN3.3.1 Active Leakage Control (Urban water supply)
  19. AN3.3.2 Asset Management (focus on small urban water supply companies)
  20. AN3.4 Water Saving Society Audit
  21. AN5.2 Irrigation Service Charges for Surface Water Systems
  22. AN5.4 Tariff Setting for Small to Medium Water Supply Company
  23. AN5.5 Willingness to Pay Survey Methodology for Small Water Supply Companies
  24. AN6.1.1 Role of WUAs in Water Saving in Groundwater Irrigation Systems
  25. AN6.1.2 Farmers Guide to Groundwater WUAs
  26. AN6.2.1 Administrative Steps to Developing Strong WUAs
  27. AN6.2.2 WUA Institutional Document Guidance
  28. AN6.2.3 Village Level Planning of WUAs
  29. AN6.2.4 Promoting and Training of WUAs
  30. AN6.3.1 Social Monitoring in Water Resources
  31. AN7.1 Multi-criterion analysis in water resources
  32. AN8.4 Memorandums of Understanding and MOAs in co-operative working and sharing
  33. EG1.5 Water Quality Modelling in Chaoyang Municipality area, Liaoning Province
  34. EG2.1 Developing the Shiyang River Basin IWRM Plan
  35. EG2.2 Stakeholder Analysis for the Shiyang River Basin IWRM Planning
  36. EG2.5 Chaoyang (Liaoning) Drought Management Plan Preparation
  37. EG2.6 Conjunctive Use
  38. EG2.8 Economics for IWRM Planning: Shiyang River Basin IWRM PLan
  39. EG4.1 Water Abstraction Permit Management : Current Practices and Alternatives in the Shiyang River
  40. EG5.2 Assessment of Irrigation Service Charge System - Donghe Irrigation District
  41. EG5.4 Water Tariff Setting for Beipiao Water Supply Company
  42. EG5.5 Willingness to Pay Survey for Beipiao Water Supply Company
  43. EG6.1 Water Users Associations (WUAs) in Groundwater Areas
  44. SocioEconomic Monitoring for Agricultural Water Demand Management - Gansu Province
  45. EG7.1 Simplified Multi-Criterion Decision Analysis for the Shiyang River Basin IWRM PLan
  46. M2.5 Using Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI) to Assess Drought Condition
  47. M3.3 Active Leakage Control Manual for Small to Medium WSCs
  48. M5.7 Development and Use of a Model fro Financial Analysis of WSCs
  49. OV1 Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
  50. OV2 Water Demand Management - An international perspective
  51. TP1.1 Groundwater Flow Modelling
  52. TP1.2 Groundwater Resource Quantity Assessment
  53. TP1.5 Water Quality Modelling for Water Protection
  54. TP1.8 Water Demand Forecasting
  55. TP1.9 Climate Change and Water Resources Management
  56. TP2.2 Stakeholder Participation in IWRM Planning
  57. TP2.5 Drought Management Planning for Water Managers
  58. TP2.6.1 Groundwater Management
  59. TP2.6.2 Groundwater Monitoring and its Importance to IWRM
  60. TP2.6.3 Conjunctive Use of Groundwater and Surface Water
  61. TP2.7 Water Allocation Issues
  62. TP3.1 Water Saving in Irrigated Agriculture
  63. TP3.2 Urban Water Supply Demand Management
  64. TP3.3 Active Leakage Control in Urban Water Supply Systems
  65. TP4.1 Abstraction Licensing Systems - International Experience
  66. TP4.3 Regulation of Small and Medium Sized Water Supply Companies
  67. TP5.3 Water Resources Fees
  68. TP5.7 Financial Management and Modelling in Small and Medium WSCs
  69. TP6.3.1 IWRM, Irrigation and their Social Context
  70. TP6.3.2 Assessing the Impact of IWRM on Women s Status and Conditions
  71. TP7.1 Multi-criterion Decision Analysis - An Introduction
  72. TP8.4 Inter Agency Collaboration for Improved Water Quality Management
  73. A Summary of WRDMAP IWRM Documentation

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